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The new wing houses two new modern spacious wards to accommodate Paediatric Services on level 3.

On level 2, a new dementia-friendly elderly care ward which links across to Ward 29.

A state-of-the-art 16-bed intensive care unit including two full isolation suites, with increased single room provision on level 1.This new ICU houses a state of the art lighting system that mimics day and night and will help create an oasis of calm for patients and will help the healing process. The idea is it will synchronise patients’ body clocks with the natural rhythms of the day providing a warm, blue light in the morning to stimulate patients when waking and then a red hue light at night to relax patients and get them ready for sleep.

Patients will also be able to change the light in their room to any colour they like which means they are able to have some control of their own in a place where almost everything else is controlled for them.

Each of the 16 rooms in the unit at BRI has been designed for one-to-one specialist care with glass around two sides which can change from frosted to clear at a flick of a switch.

As well as giving privacy and dignity, the glass will help keep out infection and means nursing staff can have clear, uninterrupted views without needing to go into the room and disturb the patient.

The bedrooms have all been grouped together in four bed clusters so intensive care staff can work in teams and not feel as isolated as they would sometimes when working in single rooms and maintenance teams will also be able to get into the individual rooms without affecting the other bed spaces causing less disruption.

The main entrance at the front of the BRI also went through a major revamp with a new reception area which houses a patient advice and liaison service and bereavement centre, as well as retail outlets such as a shop, coffee bar and restaurant.

The project also includes a revised rear entrance with improved access for visitors, staff and those with disabilities.


Entrance & Retail


Level 2

Plant room